For this newly built house, we asked our color consultant to come by to assist them in their choice of colors and materials. In the pictures you can see that a trendy and modern look was chosen here, with fun effects such as color blocking. To keep the price of the entire project down, we chose, together with the client, a slightly higher level of finishing on the ground floor than on the second floor. On the first floor, everything was plastered and wallpapered with non-woven wallpaper. The walls and ceilings were painted tightly in a lacquer paint. For the second floor, the client chose a basic finish. In their case, that meant filling holes, plastering and painting. And this is what we like to do. Thinking with the customer, within an affordable budget with a beautiful end result they can enjoy for years to come.

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Interior Painting
Colorful tightly painted mansion in Kortrijk.

- plastering the walls - wallpapered with non-woven wallpaper - trendy color combinations together with color blocking - sleek finish

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Painting Techniques
Decorative finishing of a garden office.

- treating oak wood against discolouration - installation of a liming technique - installation of a waterproof decorative painting technique

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Exterior painting

- Cleaning the facade - Repairing old loose grouting - Exterior painting of wooden joinery - Authentic exterior painting of the facade (Kaleien)

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