Once you have chosen the wallcovering that suits you best, don't forget about the finishing. Don't worry, because we automatically think of this and help you with this process. By finishing, we mean, for example, having the mouldings of your ceiling installed. That gives some extra cachet to the room. Or having paneling installed, or baseboards: we do that too. Again, it's important to choose the right baseboard so that it blends seamlessly with the floor and wall. Need skirting boards installed? DK Decor will be happy to do it for you, at a competitive price and with an eye for detail.

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Once you've come to finishing, you again have many options when it comes to colors. Can't see the forest for its trees? Don't panic, because we provide real customized advice. Our color consultant is happy to come on site. Through a good conversation she will map out your wishes. That way you get a proposal that suits you perfectly and you don't have to break your head over the endless possibilities. And the good news? This is included in our price!


Do you need a little more than just wall covering? Then you've come to the right place, because we also do plastering, painting and flooring.


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"This spring (2019) we embarked together on a thorough renovation/refurbishment of about three months. In advance, the works were thoroughly discussed and every morning/evening we received an update. The appointments were, with an eye for detail, well kept. Great team that did a wonderful job. As a plus, DK Decor works with some real good craftsmen (plumbing, electrical, carpentry...) and therefore they can offer an answer to any question. "No, it won't go" we were never told. Definitely worth working with, whether it's big or small works. In short: friendly, correct, punctual, simply perfect!" Yves Loosvelt, Kortrijk

Yves Loosvelt, Kortrijk

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