Decorative finishing of a garden office.

Serge wanted a cosy, warm yet sleek finish to his garden office. First of all, it was important that the oak should discolour as little as possible on which we treated the wood with the appropriate product. In addition, the client wanted an extra strong and waterproof painting technique in the toilet, so we chose Stuc Granito with the beautiful matching effect. In the garden office itself, the back wall of the stove was coated with a lime paint.  This mineral paint was placed in a special way so that we obtained a nice nuance.

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Vinyl flooring

- install floor covering, - laying wall coverings, patterned fleece wallpaper - fitting skirting boards and cornices, - Hanging, - country painting with colour advice

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Interior Painting
Complete project at Heule.

- restore plaster - wallpapering with fleece wallpaper - wood and parquet treatment - painting techniques - painting walls and ceilings - varnishing

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Exterior painting
Caulking/Lime Painting our own home.

- Spray off the facing brick - Repairing bad jointing - Varnishing of wooden joinery - Authentic exterior painting of the facade (caulking)

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