Art.1 - DEKES BV is not responsible for hidden risks that could result in damage of any kind. All responsibility of DEKES BV also lapse as soon as third parties (other than employees of DEKES BV) perform certain works.

Art.2 - Quotations are made on the basis of fixed m² prices and are valid for a maximum of 30 days. Changes and additional work requested shall be charged separately. They are deemed to have been accepted after mutual consultation.

Art.3 - Signing the offer and/or receiving the invoice implies acceptance of our invoice terms and conditions.

Art.4 - Clients are fully responsible for the goods and equipment delivered to them, both for their proper preservation and for any disappearance and/or damage they might undergo in our absence.

Art. 5 - Until full payment of all claims resulting for the buyer from the sales contract, the delivered goods remain the exclusive property of the seller and may be reclaimed by the seller in case of late payment.

Art.6 - Start dates & delivery dates are always approximate; giving them does not entail a commitment for the seller. Delays do not entitle the buyer to claim compensation or cancel the planned works. We make every effort to fulfill our promises.

Art.7 - Water, electricity and toilet are to be provided by the customer as well as the occasional coffee now and then would be a bonus ?.

Art.8 - The worksite should be made normally accessible by the client (completely empty) to allow smooth and safe working. If this is not the case, some additional hours of work will be charged to make this possible, we are not responsible for any damage incurred during this event.

Art. 9 - Complaints concerning invoices are no longer acceptable if they are not formulated within eight days after the invoice date and this by registered letter.

Art.10 - After approval of our offer, we ask for a deposit of 30% of the agreed price, which if refused or not paid gives the seller the opportunity to cancel the agreed contract.

Art.11 - All our invoices are payable in cash, without discount. Neither bills of exchange nor checks are accepted.

Art.12 - In the event of non-payment of our invoices on the due date, the unpaid amount shall automatically and without prior notice be subject to default interest at 2% per month of delay.

Art.13 - If a quotation agreement is cancelled by the client, the latter shall owe compensation equal to the work already carried out and the materials already purchased for the site concerned increased by a compensation of 20% of the agreed quotation price.

Art.14 - All our invoices are payable at Zwevegem within 30 days from invoice date. From the due date of the invoice, the amount due shall automatically and without prior notice bear interest at 2% per month. In case of total or partial non-payment without serious and recognized reasons on the due date, a lump-sum compensation of 12% of the total invoice debt with a minimum of € 150 will be due on top of the due amount by operation of law and after unsuccessful reminder, even in case of granting of grace periods.

Art.15 - In case of dispute, the courts of our registered office are competent.

Art.16 - During or after the works, photographs are regularly taken which can be used for commercial purposes such as advertising on our website, facebook & instagram page.

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"This spring (2019) we embarked together on a thorough renovation/refurbishment of about three months. In advance, the works were thoroughly discussed and every morning/evening we received an update. The appointments were, with an eye for detail, well kept. Great team that did a wonderful job. As a plus, DK Decor works with some real good craftsmen (plumbing, electrical, carpentry...) and therefore they can offer an answer to any question. "No, it won't go" we were never told. Definitely worth working with, whether it's big or small works. In short: friendly, correct, punctual, simply perfect!" Yves Loosvelt, Kortrijk

Yves Loosvelt, Kortrijk

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